Our Staff

Ted Brown, Executive Director
Dr. Ted Brown

Executive Director

Dr. Ted Brown is the Executive Director of CUNY Institute of Software Design and Development, manages collaborative projects with industrial and governmental partners.

Jackie Bellando, Program Director
Jackie Bellando

Program Director

Jackie Bellando manages the CUNY Tech Prep team on the ground and co-leads their strategic growth efforts. Before serving in a managerial role, Jackie was a career coach at CTP. A native New Yorker, Jackie is a graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, and is passionate about education equity, environmental justice, and soccer.

Emily Chiu, Career Coaching Manager
Emily Chiu

Career Coaching Manager

Emily Chiu is the Career Coaching Manager at CUNY Tech Prep. She has spent her career working with students and continues to do so, helping CUNY students develop professionally. She is passionate about the public education space, equity, and teaching students how to build their personal narrative.

Mauro Gomez, Business Development Manager
Mauro Gomez

Business Development Manager

Mauro creates and manages partnerships with various New York City tech companies. These partnerships provide a pipeline of employment, internships, and volunteering opportunities for CUNY Tech Prep students. He has extensive experience in higher education and a passion for diversity, social good, and music.

Silu Hu, Community Manager
Silu Hu

Community Manager

Silu is the Community Manager at CUNY Tech Prep. She takes care of all administrative duties for students, such as managing schedules of mock technical interviews, while assisting in students job tracking oversight and event planning.

Edgardo Molina, Lead Instructor
Dr. Edgardo Molina

Lead Instructor

Dr. Edgardo Molina is the Lead Instructor at CUNY Tech Prep. He develops and teaches the full stack JavaScript curriculum and initiated the technical interview preparation curriculum at CTP. Edgardo has been with the program since its start in 2015 and is passionate about serving the CUNY community. Dr. Molina's interests are in the fields of education, product development, full stack web applications, machine learning, and computer vision. He received a BS in computer science from the Macaulay Honors College at the City College of New York, and a PhD in computer science from the CUNY Graduate Center.

Nicola Clements (Glass), Career Coach
Nicola Clements (Glass)

Career Coach

Nicola Clements is a career coach at CUNY Tech Prep, where she supports students entering into the post-grad workforce. She began career coaching in 2019 at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, NJ. Before then, she worked in a variety of roles and industries, including product and graphic design, book publishing, and until recently, corporate training and client management. She is committed to DE&I and in preparing all students to advocate for themselves throughout their careers. Nicola earned her Bachelor's degrees in Art History and French Literature from Boston University.

Zack Desario, Data Science Instructor
Zack DeSario

Data Science Instructor

Zack DeSario is a data science instructor at CUNY Tech Prep. Before joining CTP he was the Director of Analytics for a Presidential Campaign, and before that he was a Data Scientist at Google. His passions are data visualization, teaching, surfing, and pinball.

Kiana Sosa, Career Coach
Kiana Sosa

Career Coach

Kiana is a Career Coach at CUNY Tech Prep. Prior to CTP, Kiana was a Career Coach supporting immigrants and refugees from all over the world in re-building their tech careers in the U.S. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, creating spaces for critical thinking, and helping students discover, develop, and apply their strengths. Kiana holds a Master’s Degree from New York University and loves everything performing arts.